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Let's lean into curiosity and awaken our desires...

We often get so lost in our day to day routines, that we can forget that life should be pleasurable and playful. Our innate desires and needs can often go unmet with all the expectations and pressures placed on us.


It's important to create spaces where we can fully release, feel seen and appreciated, and discover aspects of ourselves that we often don't reveal to others.


 This space should be uniquely our own, and I want to create it for you. Maybe you came across my page because you're a hedonist like myself, looking for a break from monotonous tasks or a spark to liven up your life. No matter what it is, let's lean into curiosity and remember what it's all about....bliss.


It's only fair that I describe my physical appearance to you since we are visual creatures. I am half Japanese, with a unique blend of Asian features and piercing blue-green eyes. Since I have clear, glowing skin, I prefer a natural appearance rather than fully done-up in makeup. In my photos, you'll see how my body balances athleticism with soft, beautiful curves. My energy and appearance both reflect my commitment to wellness and staying active, ever since I was a Division 1 athlete. There are never any issues when we go out for a dinner date, corporate event, or a little getaway because my style is refined, effortless, and timeless.


My strengths are my grounded nature, intelligence, openness, and ability to make others feel comfortable being themselves by showing up as my authentic self.  I can carry a conversation, but listening deeply is my real strength. It is my greatest desire and pleasure to provide other people with intimate, sensual, and warm spaces. I would love to be your goddess and your companion, guiding us to an experience where we awaken our senses through massage, tantric breath or simply sharing a meal together. I crave engaging in witty banter, laughing, and showing affection in intentional spaces that leave us both energized, yet centered.

I see that you're curious....
Age: 30
Ethnic Background: Half Japanese, half Caucasian  
Height: 5'4"
Measurements: Dress size 4bra size 34D
Body Type: Athletic with curves, all natural/no cosmetic work
Celebrity Look Alike: Olivia Wilde 
Hair Color: Dark brunette, always long, thick and healthy
Eye Color: Blue-green eyes, almond shaped 
Available to: Men, women, couples
Education: Masters 

Passions: Travel, tennis, yoga, hiking, learning, being at the beach/outdoors, interior design, reading
Cuisine: Omakase, fine dining with a lovely ambiance 
Gifts: Spa services, flowers,
Amazon gift cards

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